Mon. Jan. 31
Tues. Feb. 1
Wed. 2
Thurs. 3
Fri. 4
Class time given to write leg.
letter rough draft

flex schedule /literacy
class time spend on finishing leg. letter
rough draft.
Rough Draft due at the end of class.
Rights and Resp.
Anticipation Guide.
For questions 7-11 use
following power point for the
Author part.
*Finish Anticipation Guide
*Local Leaders review using a
power point.
*Look for general information from both
Constitutions copies. Write 10 things
in each circle. Example: U.S. has a
Preamble. Does the Utah Const.
have a preamble?
Any similarities should also be listed
the overlapping section.

Get a copy of the Utah and US Constitution from Ms. Ericksen

  • Rights and Responsabilities puzzles
Same as Thursday.
Mon. 7
Tues. 8
Wed. 9
Thurs. 10
Fri. 11
Type up legislative letter in the
computer lab.
Flex Schedule
Address letter envelopes
Grade prnt outs.
Finish typing up legislative letter
in the computer lab.
Stamped letters
Gov. Branch box projects
Same as Thrusday
Mon. 14
Tues. 15
Wed. 16
Thurs. 17
Fri. 18
Finish Gov. Branch box projects
Review for the Test
Flex Schedule
Review for the test
Government Test
Studty Guide was given at the begining
of the Unit.
Agriculture Pretest
Agriculure Vocabulary 12 words: 3 columns
word, definition, colored picture
due Tuesday Feb. 22

Vocabulary word search due Tuesday Feb. 22
Same as Thursday
Mon. 22
Wed. 24
Thurs. 25
Fri. 26
President's Day
No School
Flex Schedule
Gov. Box project presentations
Agriculture Vocab. and
Word Search due today
Struggle for Statehood Section
Gov. Unit portfolio gathering.
Immigration bills update on Capital hill
Read "Everyone Eats Bread book"
Started Agriculture Movie; handout passed out.