Jan. 3
Jan. 4
Jan. 5
Jan. 6
Jan. 7
Put together Mnt. Men Study Packet
Put together Pioneer Study Packet
Procedures/Daily Expectations Review
Some students retook the Pioneer Test
Pod Mtg. /Flex schedule
Vocabulary: Divide a sheet
of paper into 3 columns
(Word, Definition and pictures).
Periods (1-3) Due Thurs. Jan. 6
Periods (5-6) Due Fri. Jan. 7

Visiual Notes: Use the Textbook
Read Pages: 150, 152, 154.
After reading the first section draw
a picture about the information you
read. It is a different way to take
notes. Read the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
sections and follow the same
All Late work due today
and tomorrow.
Periods 1-3

Fold a lined piece of paper into 4
squares. Each square will answer
the who,what, why and the results.
Each square has a title:
1-Clash of Culture
2-Black Hawks War
3-The Utah War
4-Mountain Meadows Massacre

Textbook reading
All Late work due today
and tomorrow.

Periods 5-7

Follow the instructions listed on Thursday Jan. 6th.
Jan. 10
Jan. 11
Jan. 12
Jan. 13
Jan. 14
Oreo Letter Format assigned today. It is due on Weds.Jan. 12th

Obstacles to Statehood started today finish tomorrow in class. Read the Reasons for Stateehood and then use them on the Oreo Letter Format for the R (reasons) why Utah should become a state.
Quiz on Struggle for Statehood will be given on Wednesday Jan. 12
Flex schedule
Finish Obstacle to Statehood handout.

Review for the quiz. Study Guide

Quiz today
Quilt Pattern due today. Utah Studies triangle filled out and reflection filled out.
Begining of Governmet unit.
Gov. Pretest
Gov. Unit Study Guide passed out: fill it out, use it to study for the Gov. Test.
Gov. Vocab: on a separate piece of paper write the word, definiton and picture for each word. Vocabulary is due on Weds. Jan. 19th

Started on Government box flip chart
Last day of 2nd Quarter
Jan. 17
Jan. 18
Jan. 19
Jan. 20
Jan. 21
No School:Martin Luther Kind Day
No School
Gov. Vocab. Due
Finished Government box flip chart.
Study Guide: filled in definition of Democratic Repulic
Class activity: match up the responsability with the correct branch. Take notes on respnsabilities.
Vocabular class review
Branch responsability class review

Jan. 24
Jan. 25
Jan. 26
Jan. 27
Jan. 28
Political News Article Assigned.
DUE: Thurs. (Period 1-3) Fri. (Peridos 5-7)
County and City Service Notes: List 4 services the County and City provides from pg. 313
Read the taxes information pg. 314
Flex Schedule
Review: News Article requirements
Start budget handout
Notes on How a Bill Becomes a Law.
Cookie Metaphor handout.
Political News Article is due for Periods 1-3
Finish budget handout.
Bills: summary handout
Political News Article is due for Periods 5-7
Jan. 31
Feb. 1

Class time given to write legislative letter rough draft
flex schedule /literacy
class time spend on finishing legislative rough draft.
Rough Draft due at the end of class.
Rights and responsabilites: Anticipation Guide

Assignments and due dates are subject to change.

Voc. = Vocabulary
Pd. = Class Perioder
Ut. Studies= Utah Studies